Transportation from the airport

The Airport Express bus-stop is on your left-hand side just outside the main terminal building. The bus takes approx. 20 minutes to Bergen city. There are 6 stops in the city centre, within walking distance to most hotels. Prices one-way NOK 149 / round-trip NOK 258 when purchasing tickets in advance at: Flybussen (From: Bergen lufthavn Flesland, To: find your closes stop, we suggest Bergen busstasjon). Tickets bought on the bus has a higher price: information about tickets

The Bergen Light Rail is the cheapest way to get from the airport to the city centre, it takes about 50 minutes and costs NOK 40 for one adult. The Light Rail stop is right outside the airport terminal (down the escalator) and tickets can be bought at the tichet machine at the airport Light Rail stop. Please notice that tickets cannot be bought onboard. There are few tickets machines, and most machines does not accept cash, therefore we recommend to buy tickets online.

For more information about how to buy tickets in advance and travel maps, go to Local transportation

Tickets on the Light Rail can also be used on buses, free transfer within 90 minuts. This means you can reach your final destionation by rail and bus fon one single ticket. We reccomend the Skyss Travel planner

  • To: VID Bergen, Haraldsplass (or the closes stop to the hotel)
  • From:Bergen lufthavn, Bergen

Further information on how to get from the airport to the city centre, including options for Taxi, go to: Avinor

How do I travel to VID Campus Haraldsplass? 

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Airport Express bus

Photo: Google maps

Photo: Hannah Sorrel, (Utdanning i Bergen)

Photo: Tove Giske

The city between the seven mountains

If you enjoy hiking, there are plenty of hiking opportunities surrounding the city of Bergen. Bergen is known as the city between seven mountains: Ulriken 643 m (2110 ft), Fløyfjellet 400 m (1300 ft), Rundemanen 568 m (1684 ft), Sandviksfjellet 417 m (1368ft), Damsgårdfjellet 317 m (1040 ft), Lyderhorn 396 m (1299 ft) and Løvstakken 477 m (1565 ft). 

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Bergen is known for the fast-changing weather and a lot of rain and wind. It can be freezing cold and sometimes it snows even in April!

Warm clothes and decent shoes are recommended.

Photo: Michelle Ingrid Greene (Utdanning i Bergen)

Bergen brygge

In the heart of Bergen city, you find the famous “Bergen brygge”, the picturesque wharf with several old, wooden buildings standing tall in different colours. Bryggen is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions and is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. This “Hanseatic Wharf” is the most obvious remnant from the time Bergen used to be the centre of trade between Norway and the rest of Europe (

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Photo: Tove Giske