Local transportation by bus, bike or el-scooter

Public transportation by bus

See prices and maps at Skyss and Bying tickets

  • Tickets can be bought in advance in the webshop, ticket machine in a few locations or by downloading the ticket app or by SMS.
  • Skyss tickets can be used on all Skyss busses and the Bergen Light Rail (but not the airport express)
  • On board the bus you can purchase a single ticket and a 24-hour pass from the driver. You can pay with cash or a debit card. Note that tickets for the Bergen Light Rail have to be bought in advance, they can not be bought on board.
  • Cash fee (in addition to the ticket price) when purchasing a single ticket on board: NOK 20 for adults. 

  • Fees for adults: NOK 40 for a single ticket (zone A is Bergen central, usually what you need)
  • The ticket is valid in the zone you pay for: Price zones
  • An individual ticket will be valid for 90 minutes within one zone (this means that you can transfer between buses and the light rail within the time limit)

  • Other options: ticket prices
  • You need a valid ticket to travel on public transport.
  • If there is an ispection and you do not have a ticket, the fee is  NOK 1150,- (NOK 950,- payment on the spot): Ticket inspection
  • Note that Air port express busses have separate prices (you cannot use this ticket as that is a different company)

We reccomend the Skyss Travel planner

  • To: VID Bergen, Haraldsplass
  • From: find your location on the map

Affordable bike rental

See prices and maps: Bergen City Bike and Buy a subscription

  • City bikes are used for short rides and as a supplement to public transport

  • Single ticket NOK 39 / 24 hours NOK 69 / 30-days NOK 79

  • Find an available bike. A bike can be unlocked from 05.00 - 24.00

  • Ride up to 60 minutes at the time. Return your bike to any station at any time. The closest available docks are shown in the app


El-scooter rental

Buy a subscription, download the app from either: Bolt, Ryde or Voi

  • Electric scooters are defined as small electric motor vehicles, legal to use on pavements, footpaths and in pedestrian streets

  • If space is tight on the pavement, you must continue on the road or walk with the scooter on the pavement

  • Take care when passing pedestrians at low speed (max. 6 km/h) and keep a good distance
  • In zones with reduced speed, i.e. in areas with many pedestrians,  the electric scooter does not go faster than the set speed limit

  • Some areas you cannot ride the electric scooter, if moving into such a zone, the engine will gradually switch off

  • Only one person is allowed, violation fee is NOK 3,000

  • Driving under the influence of drugs is prohibited, the general blood alcohol limit of 0.2 is applied

  • Rental is closed between 23.00–05.00 Saturday night and Sunday night

  • Park where it is no obstacle or inconvenience for others

  • If you park and obstructs access for others, the fee is NOK 900